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24. April 2024 | 10 – 16 Uhr | Congress Innsbruck | freier Eintritt

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Technical Requirements Engineer / Business Analyst

Technical Requirements Engineer / Business Analyst

Cloudflight Austria GmbH

Make an impact. Be exceptional.

What if your passion for technology could make a difference? Picture your code being used by public institutions, running on products your friends and you use on a daily basis, or supporting diverse businesses worldwide.

That’s what working at Cloudflight is like. You apply your bright ideas, and together with an experienced team of over one thousand brilliant people, you create value-driven custom solutions.


Your daily tasks will include

☁️ collaborating with customers, users, and Scrum team members to identify, analyze, understand and specify requirements for projects

☁️ asking targeted questions and proposing alternative solutions to address any professional or technical obstacles that arise during the project

☁️ taking the lead in technical refinements and architectural sessions to ensure the project is on track and meets the requirements

☁️ ensuring that all implemented features provide value to the customer and are delivered on time and within budget

☁️ conducting acceptance tests to confirm that the project meets the desired quality and functionality

☁️ visualizing processes and requirements to facilitate communication and understanding among team members and stakeholders

☁️ acting as the primary point of contact between the development team and customers, ensuring clear and effective communication

☁️ maintaining and prioritizing the backlog to ensure that the project stays focused and on track

☁️ developing and growing the project together with the customer, providing valuable advice and guidance as a trusted advisor


The following will make you succeed in this role

⭐️ a minimum of 3 years of job-relevant experience in agile environments, such as in the positions of product owner, business analyst, requirements engineer or agile project manager in an agile environment with distributed cross-functional teams

⭐️ analytical thinking, questioning assumptions, and comprehending the requirements of your stakeholders

⭐️ demonstrating proactive behavior and a high degree of self-initiative

⭐️ a solid technical background and understanding of DevOps processes and architecture to contribute to the development and delivery of successful projects

⭐️ excellent moderation and presentation skills to facilitate productive meetings and presentations with team members and stakeholders

⭐️ fluency in both English and German

⭐️ attention to details while also keeping an eye on the big picture to ensure that all project requirements are met and the project stays on track

⭐️ interest on technical innovations to help drive innovation and continuous improvement within the team and organization