Preparation for the CAREER & Competence

A day at the CAREER & Competence offers many opportunities and can be quite taxing. Therefore, preparation and planning are key to using your day at the fair in the best way possible.

Before the CAREER & Competence



In the exhibitor directory, you will find information about and links to participating companies and you can browse the Job Exchange for job openings and internship opportunities. If you want to use the CAREER & Competence for finding a concrete job, you should plan to contact four or five companies, talk to them and exchange contact information. Give some thought to the sequence in which you contact these companies and which panel discussions or service offers (application coaching, potential assessment, styling, having your photo taken?) you are interested in.


Update the necessary documents

Before your visit the CAREER & Competence, you should update your cv to have it ready at the day of the fair. You should bring several copies. Business cards are a nice extra but not obligatory. A letter of application makes sense only, if you want to apply for a concrete job. Most companies, however, prefer a complete e-mail application after the event.

At the CAREER & Competence


Your appearance

For the exhibition day, you should choose a business attire that underlines your personality, projects professionalism and that you feel comfortable in.


Stick to your plan and take breaks

A free breakfast will be available for the first visitors to strengthen them for the day. The CAREER & Competence flyer, which you will receive once you get to the fair or at the info counter, shows the exact place of the companies you are interested in, the time schedule of the panel discussions, service offers (application coaching, potential assessment, styling, having your photo taken). If there are too many people at a stand, you could visit another stand on your list and return later.

For all planning, the following applies: include breaks! If you have questions, numerous CAREER & Competence staff members will be able to assist you.


The meeting

Approach company representatives in an open and polite manner. This includes introducing yourself (with a handshake) and maintaining eye contact during the conversation. You can show your interest by asking questions not covered in the company website. Such questions are, e.g., career opportunities in the company or the application process.

By all means, take notes of the main points covered during the conversation meeting as well as the name(s) of the company representatives so that you have a contact that you can refer to in a subsequent application.

After the CAREER & Competence


Send out applications

Send your application documents to your company contacts as soon as possible (rule of thumb: after two days). If you send your (unsolicited) application to the personnel department of the company, include a reference to the meeting at the CAREER & Competence and mention the names of the people you talked to.

In any case, explain why you have a particularly strong interest in working for this specific company and point out the most important points of the conversation at the CAREER & Competence.


Be patient

You handed your curriculum vitae to company representatives at the CAREER & Competence and sent your application documents to the company after the event. And now – after two or three weeks – you still haven’t received an answer? Then, you can contact the company politely, ideally by phone. Don’t forget to mention the conversation you had with company representatives at the CAREER & Competence.