Promoting successful synergies

The CAREER & Competence serves as a platform for promoting successful synergies between attractive enterprises and highly qualified young professionals.

Your benefits

Employer branding

At the CAREER & Competence, you can present your company as an attractive employer and make contact with interested visitors and future employees.

Find qualifies staff

During the fair you can get into direct contact with qualified candidates and assess their individual profiles. In particular, you will meet students and young professionals from a wide field of studies, many of whom are interested in job opportunities (27%) and internships (37%) and who would like to get more detailed information about company exhibitors (27%).

Getting to know our Top Performers

Top Performers are students who show excellent performance in their studies and have been perceived as particularly noteworthy during past fairs. In 2014, the proportion of Top Performer among visitors was 9 %.

Target groups

The keyword is diversity. Visitors of the CAREER & Competence are mostly students and graduates from the University of Innsbruck, the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the Medical University of Innsbruck and UMIT. The university landscape in Tirol has many facets, and this is reflected by the profiles of our visitors.

As a comprehensive university, the University of Innsbruck offers students a rich and interdisciplinary fields of study. MCI stands for successful connection of business, science and consulting. The Medical University of Innsbruck has an excellent track record in the fields of science, research, teaching and patient care. The private university UMIT focuses on healthcare and technology.

In 2019, 1791 participants from Tirol, adjacent regions, from Germany as well as Italy visited the CAREER & Competence. Visors from the following fields of study came to the CAREER & Competence:

  • School of Management
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • MCI
  • Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • School of Political Science and Sociology
  • Faculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences
  • other faculties

Why do visitors come to the CAREER & Competence?

Mostly visitors about to complete their studies (approx. 50% of them were 0-1 semesters away from finishing their studies) are interested in

  • concrete job and internship opportunities
  • personal contact with company representatives and
  • general information about company exhibitors

Top Performers

Top Performer are students from the University of Innsbruck with outstanding performance above and beyond study-specific requirements. Concretely, they are selected by university lecturers, who choose their best students every semester. These students are integrated into the Top Performer pool. Die CAREER & Competence is very intensively promoted among in this target group. For example, Top Performers have the possibility to make appointments with interesting exhibitors before the event.

As shown by a recent scientific study about the 2014 CAREER & Competence, Top Performers stand out, among others, because of their excellent behavior during their meetings with exhibitors and a very professional overall appearance. For instance, representatives of GE and Swarovski rate their contact with Top Performers approximately twice as good as contacts with other students.


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