CAREER Lab of SoWi-Holding

The CAREER Lab of SoWi-Holding complements our activities in the field of career information, orientation and positioning (Best³, VISIO Tirol, CAREER & Competence).

The main task of the CAREER Lab is occupational field research. Specifically, studies are carried out on the following topics:

  • Business’s expectations from young employees
  • Expectations of young employees from their employers
  • Labour market studies

In the CAREER Lab the research results will also be presented.


EU-wide, companies face the challenge of finding qualified young workers. The ever-increasing competition for young workers takes place at all levels of education. In many cases, however, companies are uncertain about what exactly young employees expect from a job and what information they need when choosing a potential employer. This information gap should be closed by the CAREER Lab.

Scientifically-based interviews with potential employees and state-of-the-art statistical analyses should provide companies with information on how to optimize their offers on the job market and provide jobseekers with a coherent picture of future job opportunities. This also has extremely positive effects on companies in the area of employer attractiveness (“Employer Branding”)

In addition, future studies will also examine the companies’ expectations of new employees, thus shedding light on the topic from an employer’s point of view. With this dual approach, the CAREER Lab aims to reconcile mutual expectations and make the process of job matching smoother and more efficient.

Involved are

  • Organization and interface: SoWi-Holding
  • Scientists at the University of Innsbruck
  • Pupils, students, graduates
  • Enterprises
  • Educational institutions
  • Interest groups (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, IV, AMS)

Named after Thomas Bayes, a key representative of probability statistics, detailed studies on the benefits and decision-making processes in the field of career choice and employer branding will be carried out using state-of-the-art statistical methods.

  • Job of the future: Management Consultant: Examine what potential employees of management consulting firms expect from their future job
  • Mid-level management as a job perspective: Examine how potential middle-level employees classify the attractiveness of employers. Project partner: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mike Peters, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Corinna Treisch
  • Ideal working conditions in tourism: research on the working conditions bartenders, waiters, cooks and receptionists in the tourism industry wish for. Project partner: Dr. Anna Schneider, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Corinna Treisch
Meitner Projects

Lise Meitner, the Austrian-Swedish researcher and physicist, is the namesake of these projects, in which complex phenomena and questions of occupational field research are examined intensively from different perspectives, e.g. in the form of master’s or diploma theses

  • Competency requirements for young professionals using the example of SoWi students
  • The nomination of top performers at the Sowi
Gauss Projects

Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German scientist and statistician, is namesake of these projects, in which instruments of classical descriptive statistics are used to clarify questions of career choice and job profiling.