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Bringing together expertise in health care and IT

Providing opportunities for graduates and career movers

The health care IT sector is dynamic – if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards. Whether you are a computer science or medical technology graduate looking to enter the industry, or someone looking to move into it, getting up to speed and staying there is vitally important.

This is an area that Cerner is highly experienced in and knowledgeable of – we know that to achieve a long and fruitful career in health care IT, continuous and intensive education is required. This is why we have developed the Expert Program, which provides the ongoing training required for you to build a long-term career in the sector, rather than just a short-term job.

Olaf Häussler, a Cerner director and regional consulting services executive, explains that the program “aims to prepare our new employees for their tasks. And not just through a conventional trainee program in our company, but in cooperation with one of the largest health service providers in Germany: Helios Clinics. This means that the participants in our program broaden their knowledge on both sides – information technology in conjunction with clinical consultant knowhow.”

Understanding clients better

And being aware of both sides of the coin helps Expert Program participants when they work as consultants or project developers with Cerner clients. As a result of the scheme, they speak the same language, allowing them to understand their requirements and challenges from their own experience, rather than just having learned about them theoretically.

Learning on the job was certainly a benefit for Olaf: “I graduated in Business Informatics in 2000 and gained experience in international IT projects in the logistics industry before joining the health care IT area in 2005. The fact that I was allowed to work in large, successful companies helped me a lot to get involved and to develop in various areas of responsibility. The health care sector in particular is a very complex and interesting industry that constantly demands new things and needs a wealth of experience.”

One of the focuses of the Expert Program is the Cerner international hospital information system,®. It is the only system of its kind in the world that is fully integrated into the SAP world and developed in close cooperation with SAP. This means that the participants in the Expert Program are not just knowledgeable about, but also on state-of-the-art SAP technologies such as Fiori and SAPUI5.

Making a life-changing difference

Looking beyond the specifics of what graduates and career movers can learn on the Expert Program, there are also the benefits and opportunities that can only arise when you work for one of the world’s leading health care IT companies, including developing international relations and career advancement possibilities.

Stepping further back again, Olaf Häussler believes that working in health care itself is also something very meaningful: “what you do has a direct impact on people’s health care. I also hear from many colleagues that they find it very satisfying to continuously improve and contribute to medical care through their IT work.”

Discover more about the opportunities offered by Cerner by visiting our careers website.

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